We travel the world to inform about our work in lectures and workshops, and are always interested in exchange and collaboration. If you wish to be part of Ting Dynasty as a designer or producer don’t hesitate to contact us! We aim at establishing a network of local units all over the world and need many hands to do so.

E-MAIL us at info(at)tingdynasty.com

馬克斯 knowledge worker, consultant and agent in creative industry
Media :
可口雜誌 cacao magazine www.cacaomag.com
北歐前翼 Propeller Design www.propeller.se
創新國度 kingdom of innovation 
Skype: maxsmiling
E-mail: max(at)tingdynasty.com

AGNES FRIES 安婕 co-creative designer and ceramicist
Ceramics: Agnes Fries www.agnesfries.com
Co-creation: Co Creative
Skype: agnes.fries
E-mail: agnes(at)tingdynasty.com